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Wisdom, Confidence, Friendship.

Cornelia Loves You
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Where wisdom, confidence, and friendships are found.

"Welcome to the Holy Child website livejournal community! We believe that this initial "visit" will be an incentive to visit the campus and learn more about our school and students. The students constitute our mission as they develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, athletically, ethically and spiritually. At Holy Child we teach for change and continuity-founded in 1904 we are the oldest of the Holy Child Network of Schools in the United States.

As educators we specialize in the young woman's quest for truth. We know that young women thrive in a school designed for their ways of knowing. Watch how they study in groups of two and three-cooperatively not competitively. Observe how they use the Internet for communication as well as for information. Consider how they lead and encourage each other: at the foul line, at a committee meeting for the Model UN, in physics class or during a dance recital. See them as President of the Student Council! Girls grow ever more confident when they can take calculated risks on stage, on the field, or in the calculus classroom; they can take pleasure in each other's humor, music, prayers and intelligence.

At Holy Child the girls love their teachers and their classmates. As Cornelia Connelly described her first school in 1847, one can still find "joy in teaching and joy in learning." This is the Holy Child spirit, which our alumnae refer to so frequently. Just as our students and alumnae have shared their traditions with newcomers since October 17, 1904, I invite you to learn more about this vibrant community.
Staffed by a dedicated group of 71 full and part-time faculty, staff and administrators, four with Doctorate degrees and 55 percent with Masters degrees, the school offers a challenging, college preparatory curriculum in the humanities, sciences and arts with a strong co-curricular program to develop women of conscience and action"
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